Saturday, July 6, 2024

"Oddities" and time off for good behavior!

 I wanted to share photos of some of my sightings that didn't make it into a post this summer.

And as far as the 'good behavior' depends on who you ask! heehee!

This Utopia sign is at Ross Prairie State Forest, so we'll see what we've missed there!

I saw this Scarlett Tanager but it was deep in the dark woods so the photos aren't great.

But it sure was a good sighting!

I think this is a Painted Lady butterfly.

There were TWO of them!

I just wish it had stayed put for a longer photo shoot!

And this Gopher Tortoise was running as fast as his short legs would carry him when he saw me coming.

They really are surprisingly quick!

He was a beauty and close to our campsite at Ross Prairie.

Here's his home! 

The Cactus was in full bloom and I took these at the same time.

I am going to take a couple of weeks break from the computer to get some things done. We are busy with 'home improvements'. Nothing big, just cleaning out and tidying up! I finally removed the silk tree from my bedroom. 

I loved it but it was impossible to keep clean. The dust collected on it! 

Photos taken at different times of the year. I don't change much, just a throw pillow or two!

A view out my bedroom window. 

 Maybe we'll even do a few 'fun' things in the next couple of weeks. I hope so! 

See you later, gator! 🐊 Hugs, Diane 🐢

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Lea said...

Great photos!
My favorites - the cactus blooms and the butterflies.
Have a wonderful weekend!

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful sightings, I always love seeing the Scarlet Tanager.
The butterflies are a lovely sight too.
Great sighting of the Gopher Tortoise and it's home.
The cactus blooms are lovely.
Your bedroom looks cozy and comfortable.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

Tom said... good, but if you can't, be careful!

Anu said...

Wonderful serie of photos. Interesting: a place called Utopia.
Take care.

Jeanie said...

This is such a fun post. You always have such good photos but I know it's hard to know when to stop putting them in (at least for me, which is why my posts get so photo heavy!). So showing some like this is great. Your bedroom is so airy and pretty with those wonderful windows-- and big! I love how you change it up!

Katerinas Blog said...

The yellow flowers are very beautiful!
The little turtle is wonderful!
Have a nice Sunday!

Mae Travels said...

Have a great time on your blogging break!
best, mae at

carol l mckenna said...

Hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off from the computer ~

Awesome array of photos ~ amazing butterflies and the turtle is fantastic ~ thanks,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Sandy said...

Love the Scarlet Tanager. I have never seen one in person. As for the silk plant, I get it. No one would believe this plant loving girl got rid of almost all of her houseplants. I kept my Christmas cactus but they all left the house. There is a story there…I just haven’t posted it yet.
Enjoy freshening up things.

MadSnapper said...

enjoy your time off and do add fun to the work. that yellow cactus is gorgeous. our neighbors have flowers like that but they are white not yellow. I love yellow flowers best of all and butterflies more than birds.. we had a gopher when my boys were young.. love the pic of his home

Bill said...

A wonderful series of photos. The Gopher Tortoise and is my favourite. Have a good break and take care.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Love seeing the Scarlet Tanager. They are so elusive, it's hard to see one. Good photos if you ask me. Love the gopher tortoise too. We have lots of their holes/homes where we go walking, but never see them out and about. I see their tracks in the sand, however, so I know they are active. Beautiful butterflies. And I love the photos of your bedroom! Such a nice big window! I love it! We can't open up our window blinds in our bedroom because the hot southern exposure sun is on that side of the house most of the day, and by the time it's not, it's too late in the day and I don't want anyone to look in our windows at night. LOL. If I were re-designing this house, I would have rearranged all the windows and sun exposures, but when it faces east and west it's a complicated issue. Oh well, it is what it is. I hope you enjoy your time away from the computer and do something very pleasant! Although I think you all do pleasant things all the time! LOL. Have a wonderful time, whatever you do.

italiafinlandia said...

Love the cactus flowers.
Have a good time in the next two weeks!

Cloudia said...

What a pleasure to hang out with you and see all of the beauties in your world Aloha

RedPat said...

That tortoise is amazing and he has a fine looking home.
Enjoy your time off and have some fun.

Terri D said...

I always enjoy your posts, Diane. The Gophers really can travel!! The yellow flowers are beautiful. Yellow is becoming a favorite color for me. Thanks for sharing the beauty with us!! Keep on hiking!!

GreenComotion said...

Lovely snaps! That's quite some turtle, biggun too. Be well!

magiceye said...

Lovely photos!

Ann said...

You always manage to find such interesting things while you're out hiking. Those butterflies are so pretty and so is the cactus bloom.
Your bedroom looks great. That's a nice big window you have.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

You always share the most beautiful sightings! The scarlet tanager must have been such a thrill! The butterflies and tortoise were a fun sight, too, especially his little burrow. Love your pretty bedroom with its amazing view. So bright and airy. Dust collectors in the bedroom are not a good thing... Enjoy your break and hope the projects go well. Hugs xo Karen

Barbara said...

Well, now it's confirmed: I don't know a Scarlett Tanager from a red cardinal. Both are beautiful birds.

You have a lovely home. I like the huge window behind your bed. What a nice view!

Teresa said...

Todo se ve precioso y tu dormitorio me encanta. Disfruta de tu días de descanso. Besos.

Lowcarb team member said...

I did enjoy these photographs especially the Gopher Tortoise.
Enjoy your blogging break.

All the best Jan

Shiju Sugunan said...

Love the glimpse into your summer sightings! The gopher tortoise is adorable. Enjoy your computer break and home improvements!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What a great collection of "cast off" images. I love the tortoise and his home.

Sharon Wagner said...

Beautiful yellow blooms from the cast off bin. Have fun with your home improvement projects!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

In the third butterfly picture, it looks like a Malachite at the bottom, a significant sighting for Florida I would imagine.

Rostrose said...

OH! I've never seen a turtle's home before - very interesting! Nice sightings of the two butterflies and the scarlet tanager. I think the photo can be brightened up so the bird can be seen well. What a magical cactus flower.

Dear Diane, I hope you'll have a good break and that you manage to do everything you have planned for this time. See you soon!
Hugs and all the best, Traude

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I enjoyed looking at the pretty photos of the flowers and birds. Enjoy your time away and good luck with the home improvements.

Wally Jones said...

Terrific collection of photographs to brighten our day!

Thank you.

Enjoy your break. We'll be right here when you return.

Caroline said...

Beautiful serie photos. Have a nice weekend! Take care.

Veronica Lee said...

Such fantastic sighting, Diane!
Your cozy bedroom with its lovely view is beautiful.
Enjoy your break and good luck with the home projects.

Looking forward to more of your wonderful photos!

Tanza Erlambang said...

Painted Lady butterfly look so amazing...colorful

21 Wits said...

How fun and sending hugs right back to you and thank you for bringing us along your day-to-day life in Florida!