Friday, October 2, 2009

My trip to Goodwill!


I rescued this little girl from Goodwill
and she plunged into a bath of Lavender
scented soap! Girls love to be clean and sweet!

There have been so many beautiful leaf shaped
bowls in the Fall decorations here in blogland so I thought
I could have fun with this Monkeypod wood nut bowl.

If my hubby sees this I know what he will say,
Don't you already have this book?
Well......maybe! So?

And don't you love this old pan?
It looks like it would be cute with some
Fall leaves or twigs in it.

But what WAS it? Does anyone know?
And what would you do with it?

And of course I can't pass up a big old bowl!
I love 'crock' type bowls and
I'm getting a little collection, I think!
(this one looks a lot like one I have
except this one is white ; )

It was a good day and I've had a great week!
It has turned COOL and I'm enjoying Fall!
Nice for walking briskly in the park!

Happy Friday!


beedeebabee♥ said...

Good Morning Sweetie! I really have to do some thrift store shopping soon! That pot looks like part of a steamer, or a pasta pot, you know the ones that have the strainer right inside so when the pasta is done, you can just lift the insert out. I don't know...that's all I could come up with! Isn't it lovely this time of year? Perfect for walking! Hugs, Paulette =D

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Wow...some great finds! Was that at the Goodwill in Fletcher? Love the white bowl...

Tammy said...

I believe that is a steamer. I would use it to steam tamales!☺

Freckled Hen said...

You found some nice things! I think I might just need to squeeze in a trip to the thrift store soon.
I'm glad you had a good week...hope the weekend is just as good!

Shelley said...

I love your finds...the doll however is my favorite. Bet,you could have guessed that(smile)...she looks so happy soaking in her lavender bath. Have a blessed weekend dear....

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Happy Friday to you. Enjoy your weekend.
Great finds. I love the little doll soaking in her lavender bath. LOL.

Happy@Home said...

Your little dolly looks quite happy in her lavender scented bath. Well, who could blame her ~ it sure beats sitting on a thrift shop shelf.
Great finds you got there.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

I agree with Paulette & Tammy, I believe the old pot you found is a steamer/pasta pot too. You found so many goodies. Love how your new doll is soaking in a lavender bath. Makes me want to try that myself too. Happy Friday!

Lisa :)

Michela said...

Happy Friday Diane! Cinderella is one of my favourite too!

Michela said...

Happy Friday Diane! Cinderella is one of my favourite too!


I went to the thrift store on Monday...I dropped off some clothes and HAD to pop inside.
Your moneypot bowl is great and I can see it all dressed for fall.
Have a great weekend.
Deb :)

Patty said...

I have not visited in awhile. Glad I stopped by. I so love your yard sale items. The Cinderella book brings back many memories.

And what a great time for a yard sale post - fall is here. I hope to run upon some good bargains tomorrow as we venture out. I am normally swamped with assignments on Saturdays, but I only have one tomorrow so I am a hittin' the road.

Brenda said...

I am laughing so hard I can barely see this screen! Abi is in my lap and staring at me strangely. I'm sorry, but in that first photo it looks as though you're drowning that doll! I must have a wicked imagination!

Brenda said...

I am still laughing. The dogs are suddenly terrified, as I started wheezing. (Asthma) Have you ever laughed until you wheezed? I don't know why that picture of the doll hit me in the funny bone so hard. But every time I stop, I bring it up again and I am sent into gales of more laughter. Maybe I have early dementia, ya think?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Now you have ME laughing, Brenda! I had to go back and look...poor dollie! Well, she is clean and dry now and sitting here by my computer so everybody can relax! heeheehee!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just read the second comment you made, Brenda and now it is even funnier. POOR BABY! She did have to close her eyes...and they still haven't opened! ROFL!!

Brenda said...

I've given myself a headache laughing so hard. I haven't laughed like this in ages. Isn't it supposed to release good hormones to laugh? Heaven knows I take enough estrogen anyway! The dogs ran and hid for awhile. They think I'm having an attack of some sort!

Brenda said...

I think I've been possessed by something truly evil to laugh at what appears to be a drowning doll. My husband the psychiatrist is working overnight at the state mental hospital forty miles away. If anyone sees me like this they'll likely commit me. And I'm 52 so they'll probably put me on his unit, which is the geriatric unit!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It IS good for you..unless you have an asthma attack! I'm glad my dollie gave you some laughs. Maybe I will name her Brenda! lol

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Now I see your other comment! This really is getting crazier by the minute! Hopefully they will let you have a computer to BLOG in the mental hospital! lol I was born in a hospital in El Dorado Arkansas ...that IS a mental hospital now so I'm sure they would let me come back! I'll pick you up on the way!

Brenda said...

You were born in a mental hospital? Oh no, I get it now. It is NOW a mental hospital. Well, I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. This sounds rather odd to divulge here, but I will blame it on menopause, my usual culprit. I was then (as family lore tells it) promptly "sold" into some sort of baby black market. I "disappeared" for a year, and was then found (police? I don't know) and sent to live with my great-grandmother. (The facts are sketchy, so that's all I know.) A little odd I marry a psychiatrist, huh?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That really is an amazing story, Brenda. What a blessing that you were found and got to live with a relative. I can't imagine that happening.
It's nice to know we were both born in's a small world, as they say! I grew up in Arkadelphia and then lived in Texarkana, TX for many years as an adult! Wow! This is interesting! I wonder if anyone else will read all of this! lol

Papa-ooh-mou-mou said...

HEY!! Don't you already have that book? OH NO!! Where are we gonna put all that stuff? Don't you remember the little TALK we had about down-sizing and living the condo life? It wasn't about living the thrift store life! ;)

Brenda said...

I hope I didn't shock you. It's just part of my history. I have sisters I've never met, who probably don't know I exist. They were adopted out early, I learned. My mother ended up losing, one way or another, all six of her children. I don't know if she's alive or not. My father died shortly after getting out of prison, for what I'm not sure, in the late sixties. Strange, I know. Everybody has something strange about their heritage, I suppose. How weird this all transpired over the photo of a doll you were bathing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You should write a book on all your experiences, Brenda! And if we're not careful...our laughter will turn into tears. But we're both from the same place (very close) so WE could be sisters! We sure like a lot of the same things...and we probably have the same southern drawl!

And Papa...who me mew moo....don't look at everything I write! I try to sneak a few things in every now and then...don't ya know! LOL

Brenda said...

I always wonder, could this person be my sister? Did she/they have good parents who wiped out everything my parents could have warped them with? As they did my older sister, and younger brother. Neither of whom I've seen more than a few times when I was a young adult. You just have to wonder. They would be younger than me, so probably in their mid to late forties. I just watched Dateline about that poor girl, kidnapped in California 18 years ago. And my story doesn't sound so strange after all. Signing off for the night...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diane,

You got a nice lot of things today at Goodwill and thanks for showing them to us.
As others have said, that it is a steamer, they are very useful things.
The doll is very sweet bathing in her lavender bath and the Cinderella book is lovely, one of my favourites.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Good night, Brenda! It's been great chatting tonight! If we're not sisters...we're definitely kindred spirits! Sweet dreams!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

And good night to you, Carolyn! I think I will soak in a lavender bath myself tonight!

Stacey said...

The little doll is adorable. I love Brenda's take on it. She always sees something that we might not see. :)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! I have been reading the comments. They're almost better than your post. That Papa is a riot and Brenda is certainly interesting. I should try that lavender bath too. I could use a little soak.

KC'sCourt! said...

I love that little dolly. You have found some good finds. I think the pan is a steamer.
Julie xxxxx

Q said...

Following your comments has been fun this morning!
I also shop the thrifts....I find the best of things.
Happy October.

Boo-Bah said...

I like your finds. I especially liked the first picture of the little doll in her bath. It struck me funny. I am sure she is clean and smells good now, if she didn't drown first.

Have a great day

common ground said...

Hi, thanks so much for coming by. And thanks for the info on Tom's shoes. I love them and they look so comfortable. That's my # 1 priority now. Have a wonderful weekend!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diane, you found some great treasures. The little doll is so cute with her little legs curving out. I bet she is scented so sweet now with the lavender.
I agree with the others, I think the pot is a steamer or pasta pot with strainer.
Love the wooden leaf bowl and the Cinderalla book.

Blessings, Celestina Marie

CIELO said...

your words bring to mind a word of wonderful scented dreams... ;) wish I could plunge into a bath of Lavender scented soap right now! ;)


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Little doll floating in lavender water is so cute Looks likes she's just as relaxed as can be.

elissa said...

Beautiful collection..that pot reminds me of my steamer pot :P