Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !

Wendy wants to wish you a safe and happy holiday!


She likes to get in on the FUN….


and would REALLY like to have some REAL candy!  heehee!

Let’s see what we can find…..





How about these?


AHHH…much better!

I have appreciated the sweet comments about my weight loss. I only have a few more pounds to reach my goal and I am already in a ‘normal range’ according to the Mayo Clinic website. And I have not been on a ‘fad diet’ but a long term healthy eating plan, so I’ve lost the weight slowly. Here’s the link to check your here! When I enter my weight and height I get this message now….(makes me feel like it’s all worthwhile!)

‘Congratulations! Your healthy weight is well worth the effort. It reduces your risk of serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.’

And YES..I know…sugar free candy is not the healthy part of my diet! lol But I am not eating any sugar whatsoever and a piece of sugar free candy helps when I crave something sweet (and don’t want another slice of apple). I have switched over to Stevia as a sugar substitute for coffee or tea.

Now if I can just stay out of Wendy’s candy…..


ENJOY your day! Thanks Elizabeth from Creative Breathing for my sweet Peg Doll! ♥


Be safe and happy!

And visit the MAYO CLINIC website for healthy living choices! If you visit the site…please let me know what impressed you most!  ♥

Contest CLOSED ! CLICK HERE ! Winner of the $65 gift certificate will be announced tomorrow! Good luck !!!


Happy@Home said...

Happy Halloween to you and Wendy. She sure is dressed cute for Halloween.
I'm really impressed that you are not eating any sugar at all. I have cut back on mine, but not sure I have the willpower to totally give it up. Good for you.

Dishesdone said...

I'm with Wendy, I'd rather have the M&M's! She is a cute one!

Happy Halloween!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I didn't even know you were dieting. Congrats on a good job!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Happy Halloween!!

Sounds like you're doing the diet just right! My only "sin" is my weekly Ben & Jerry ice creme..., I should check out the Mayo website and see if I can find out whether 2 to 3 pints of ice creme a week is okay, haha. Do I want to even find out!??

Donnie said...

Wendy looks almost real...don't tell her I said look great and are great inspiration. Don & I are cutting way back and I'm eating off his plate or "sharing" as they call it has helped. Worst part is we don't like the same foods but I'll adapt. Have a Happy Halloween.

Prim In The Country said...

Happy Halloween!

Pondside said...

This year I didn't buy any candy at all - it's a first. We don't get a single trick or treater, so you know where all the candy goes.....straight to my hips!

Love of the Sea said...

I need to get on a long term diet. I have gained 18 pounds this year... :(. Too much traveling - not enough excercising. Good for you! Happy Halloween.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wendy is so cute!

Congratulations of your weight loss! That is a constant struggle for me these days. I'll be sure to check out the Mayo Clinic web site...thanks!

Della said...

What would you rate Stevia? Is it a close substitute for sugar? Better than Splenda? I'm still trying to get used to the taste of Splenda! I'v been on a lifestyle change, for just over a month. Eating right is easy. It's the decaf coffee and decaf tea where I'm missing the "real" taste of sugar. Of course, I'm also missing my morning caffeine!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! That is quite an accomplishment. I am finding it to be a constant struggle lately. I will check out that website. Thank you and congratulations again!

It's Just Dottie said...

Wendy is the cutest. I lost 45 pounds 2 years ago and have not gained any of it back. I feel and look so much better.
Way to go on your weight loss! You look beautiful in your photos.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello my friend...

Ohhh...I was wondering if you dressed your dolls for halloween. I was thinking that it would be sooo much fun to make halloween costumes for them! Hehe! Wendy looks sooo pretty in her halloween garb!

I didn't realize that you were watching your weight, my friend! Eeeks...something that I SHOULD BE doing as well! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is not an easy thing to do...I'm so very happy for you! Thank you for sharing Wendy with us...she's adorable!!!

Warmest autumn wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

All That Glitters said...

I love your wendy!!!! She is a doll!!!