Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Produce!

We’re still enjoying the produce we got last Sunday when we visited Lyda Farms….


and Granddad's Apples !


Click on the names to follow the links if you want more info or directions!


The produce that we bought was from Lyda Farms….


October Shellies….


tomatoes, squash, onions, pumpkins….


Arkansas Black apples, Pink lady, and Fuji…


SO good!


And the wonderful memories…. priceless!

I like Gala and Fuji apples best! What are your favorite apples?




dee begg said...

It all looks yummy. And memories are always so delightful!


My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a gorgeous farm stand. I'm loving those Shellies. They look very similar to a purple hull pea I grew up with in Arkansas.

I haven't had a Pink Lady apple in a long time. I associate them with the northeast. What a lucky find.

I've been favoring Honey Crisp lately, although Granny Smith always wins my heart throughout the year.

Vee said...

Favorite apples? I've been all over the map on this one from Macs to Granny Smith's to Red or Golden Delicious. I really like Galas, but Macs are my all-time favorite when they are fresh and ripe and juicy. Wonderful autumn scenes you've captured and I love that bittersweet wreath!

Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

What a neat place to shop, the produce looks wonderful!! My favorite is red delicious, only if it is crisp!!

Green thumb said...

Hello Diane! How are you?!
What amazing fruits and veggies you have overthere!
It's always a pleasure to visit you, but the best time of the year it's Fall, when you display all your colourful Halloween goodies!
Greetings from your Venitian friend :)

Shelley said...

Hi Diane,what a wonderful place to visit....such good looking fruits and veggies. Loving your Wee Wednesday as well....hope you are enjoying the Autumn season thus far...I am in love with the cooler temps here...:) Blessings,Shelley

PrimitiveJan said...

What a great produce stand. Don't you love it when they get creative in their displays?
Hugs my friend
Stopping by to say Hi! Love all your newest creations. Can't stay long but just wanted to see what you have been up too.

Marydon said...

G'morn ~ Wish we had fruit stands this nice around here! Fresh is best ... it all looks so delicious. Lucky you.

The best apple in the world is Gravenstein (an old variety) but Honey Crisp comes so very close to Gravenstein ...

Have a beautiful weekend ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Dishesdone said...

It all looks so good! What a great place!

Happy@Home said...

Your produce looks so pretty and I'm sure it tastes delicious too.
Thanks for these two links. I would love to visit both of them. Must put them on my ever-expanding list of places I'd like to visit.
I'm not sure if I can narrow down to one favorite apple, but I do love the Pink Lady. I'll be having a Gala for lunch today.

Cindy said...

Granny Smith....hard and tart!!! Looks like you are enjoying Fall! Love you.

Janet said...

All that fresh produce looks so yummy. As for apples, I'm a golden delicious gal. I know they're sort of common but I love them.

Maggey and Jim said...

This time of year is so special. reaping the harvest and eating it..

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Caramel apples
Apple Crisp
Apple sauce
Apple pie
Apple butter
Bobbing for apples
Bacon, cheddar and apple sandwiches
This is an awesome time of year!

Donnie said...

That's just out our way and I don't even think to stop in. Always telling Don we need to think like tourists. Loved it.

Penny said...

I love that you are in my neck of the woods. The Lyda family is well known in these parts. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH how I wish we had places here like that to go to and shop. But we do not. There are parts of California that are so pretty...but a pretty drive and nice roadside stands are not to be found here in Southern California. It's sad. Not even a pretty drive...just traffic, traffic, traffic...
Our roadways are so littered with trash that I could cry. Weed growing up through the asphalt along the one bothers anymore to clean the roadways. I know it is budget problems...but...It's upsetting!

I loved this post!

Debbie@Nanas Sweet Dreams and Memories said...

Oh I just love love love visiting the farm market in the Fall.Next week we are taking our preschool out tot he pumpkin patch and will be treated to fresh pressed apple juice at snack time.
After looking at your lovely photos I am now going to have a nice juicy ambrosia apple...thanks for the inspiration:)

Anonymous said...

I love all kinds of apples. Specially when made into a tart! Lovely, lovely images! Thanks for your lovely visit on my blog. So glad you stopped by, now I found yours and already a follower!

She'sSewPretty said...

We have a place like that here. It almost looks like the same place!
My favorite apple is one I just found at Costco called Honey Crisp. They're sweet and tart and yummy!

Anonymous said...

Gala's are a favorite, but I've always wanted to try the Pink Lady.

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog!♥

Dianne said...

Galas and Fujis are my favorites too! I'd
love to try one of those black apples!

desi said...

We enjoyed seeing you guys down at "the patch." Glad you found some yummy stuff. (Wish I'd gotten a pic of our favorite pumpkin bread before it was devoured! YUM!)
As far as favorite apple...Macs used to be my favorite, but lately Gala and Fujis are tops on my list! I like small, sweet and tart.

LDH said...

What a perfect time of year ~ beautiful and abundant with such lovely produce! I like Gala and Fuji but I still enjoy those red delicious!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos on your post!! It looks like it was a perfect for day to go to Lyda Farms. favorite apple? I like them all!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Fuji's are my favorites. I once bought a Fuji apple when I was in Hawaii..and it was SO huge that it took me two days to eat the darned thing. I ate on it all day one day...and dug it out of my bag on my trip on the plane back to California...nibbled on it the entire trip...and the following day I finally finished it. DELICIOUS!! I have been hooked ever since but have never seen one that big again!!

What I wouldn't give to take a drive like yours!! Gorgeous!!

PrimitiveJan said...

Oh wow!!!! i love that huge wreath of bittersweet. I would give anything to be able to get some of that. I can't find it anywhere around here. I just love the area you live in.

Q said...

Fun outing! I think Honey Crisps are my favorite eating apple. We also enjoy finding apple markets and roadside pumpkin patches....
October is the perfect time of year to go out in the country.