Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our sympathy and prayers are for the Travolta family during this sad time of loss.

Our hearts were heavy when their plane flew over this morning and landed at their home nearby. It is such a blessing to have them here in our town. They are a wonderful family and have been such an important part of our community.

It's always a reminder of how fragile our lives are when we lose someone. And it's especially hard when it's a child. Please join us in prayers for this precious family.

We will be here in Florida for a few more days. I'll have a lot of blog catching up to do when we get back!


Linda Q said...

So so sad, no parent should ever have to burry a child that is for sure!
I sure am praying for them, that somehow God brings them peace. You are never the same just different!

The Painted Garden said...

Thank you for your blog post about the Travolta family. It reminds us to keep them in our thoughts and prayers and how fragile our lives are.
I saw the mayor of your town on Larry King and he talked about what a wonderful and down to earth family the Travolta's are and how everyone in your town loves the.

Unknown said...

I read about the death. It is so sad and the boy was so young and so many promises ahead of him. You are correct, how fragile life is. thank you for the post and reminder..

Vee said...

I found my answer...

We feel as if we have a connection to the Travolta family as well since they have a summer home in our corner. Such a loss for them.