Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones"

Most of my dolls are vinyl....the type of dolls that you can play with.
But early in my doll collecting, I came across these porcelain dolls,
crafted by the Doll Maker, Linda Rick.
They really took my breath away
and have all been very special to me.

I made these computer scrapbook pages awhile back
and they really show my beautiful dolls in detail!

Have a happy dollie day!


Linda Q said...

Gorgeous Dianna, I still never have added one of her porcelains to my collection. I could never decide on just one! Now she is going to vinyl or smaller porcelains, so not sure I will get one of her big ones or not.
You have some great ones!!

Sarah said...

Lovely! I wish I could make such delicate and pretty little faces!

Cheryl said...

Your dolls are gorgeous! I love the digi scrap pages you did with them. I have not ventured into the digi field.
I live north of Wake Forest/Raleigh but have only lived here 2 years.

Glenda said...

I love your Dolls they are so beautiful and one can never have to many pretty from Glenda