Monday, March 8, 2010

Rainbow Springs

We've been to Rainbow Springs twice this week and it has been so much fun!


The water is truly a rainbow of colors! (no color enhancement on these photos!)


There are flowers in bloom all over the park. Spring is in the air!


The weather has been in the 70s this nice!


Here's a link to Rainbow Springs State Park.....CLICK HERE !


Fish are easy to see in the clear warm water!  Several people were swimming ... water temp was 72 degrees!


Hope you've had a nice weekend, too!


Ours has been spectacular!




Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diane,

I loved seeing your photos, the pink flowers are just gorgeous.
What a wonderful place to visit.

Have a great week

Vee said...

Diane, that water is something else! Wonderful spot on earth. No wonder you had such a great weekend.

Theresa MacNaughton said...

What a gorgeous place!!! Such lovely flowers and waterfalls. It looks quite magical. Theresa

Ale jc said...

Absolutely stunning...great eye for the beauty of your surroundings...blessings ms

GardenOfDaisies said...

That is so pretty!! Clear water and waterfalls!

Debbie said...

This place looks absolutely magical...spectacular really.
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.
Debbie :)
and thank you for stopping by and visiting...I appreciate your kind comments.

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

wow, the place looks so pretty! love all the pics:) and 70 degrees, ahhh wonderful! we are supposed to hit 60 today!!

Emily said...

You are so lucky to iive there!! It is truely beautiful :)

Q said...

Thank you for the link and these marvelous photographs.
A very, very pretty Spring!
Happy Spring,

Annalisa said...

Oh what a marvellous place!!!
wonderful spring!!!
love this post, thank you for sharing it with us..
truly a wonderful post,

desi said...

Wonderful pics! I am sooo jealous...wish we could've been there with you, enjoying the beauty, and the lovely temps!

Barb said...

Hi Diane, I grew up swimming in Rainbow they still allow that? I haven't been there in years but it is so lovely!!!!!

Barb ♥

JG said...

Oh, the flowers are just gorgeous and so colorful! Can you tell that I live in New England and spring is just around the corner?

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane! your pictures are amazing and the colors are so's almost like being there...that park must just be so beautiful to walk in....have anice week, Hugs Jennifer

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Beautiful park. I think this is one I'd like to see.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said... looks like Eden!

Anonymous said...

Diane what happened.Your comment you removed??OK.


Just wonder photos!
I want warmer weather...I'm jealous.
Deb :)

Anne Lorys said...

Wow, gorgeous photos!
That's what I imagine Heaven looks like. :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

marie said...

Your photos are fabulous! I especially love the flowers. They're so beautiful.
Thanks for visiting my blogs and for your very nice comments.
Good luck in the giveaway!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place. The colours are amazing. Love the photos! Suzie xxx

Unknown said...

I love the collage you know we dont have any different seasons, so it's basically summer whole year long so flowers grow all the time. However, there are many varieties that cant grow here, esp those that cant stand the humidity.

Lallee said...

I love Rainbow Springs! I have a friend who lives over there. She and a group of her friends raft down the river together once a week! How fun would that be? You've had some nice outings lately. Our new weather sure is nice for getting out!