Wednesday, November 2, 2011

“A Collection of Proverbs”

We traveled part of the Blue Ridge Parkway this past week to see the magnificent views and the few colors that were left on the trees!

Today I am joining Kay from the beautiful blog Heart and Soul Pursuits with her collection of photos and proverbs from around the world.


Join us with a photo you’ve taken and a favorite quote. This quote from one of my favorite movies, Under the Tuscan Sun has a lot of meaning to me. I haven’t always chosen the best path but God has always blessed me.

Visit Kay HERE to travel the world in photos and quotes and to add beauty to your life!

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~Laurie~ said...

Beautiful, beautiful picture :)

Dianne said...


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Breath taking. laurie

Barb said...

Hey sweet friend, this is sooo beautiful.

Barb ♥

Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Beautiful fall image, wonderfully captured. Love the quote, a perfect fit.
Hope you're having a great day!

Vee said...

A beautiful photo and a marvelous quote. Together they are wonderful.

Valerie said...

Yes, that was a great movie and your quote from it is so true. Thankfully we have an awesome God who loves and blesses us even though we may not always make the best choices. Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

I really like that quote! So true. The paths that we take determine the "rest of our stories"! And I adore the photo! Oh, how I wish we could have done the Blue Ridge Parkway this year! Silly work is keeping me at home too much, LOL. It's on my list for next year!

Della said...

That is a beautiful scene, I really love the red in the trees.

helen tilston said...

I haven’t always chosen the best path but God has always blessed me.
These words of gratitude are beautifully experessed
The Blue Ride Parkway is heavenly.

Diane Writes said...

Hello name mate! I missed visiting your blog. I've been offline for almost a week and I just noticed your new and lovely blog header. I love it.

Great shot and quote! I'll be heading to your giveaway and try to join the party too.

Have a great week!

Ana said...

What a breathtaking picture...Love the quote too. Have a wonderful evening.

Hugs and Kisses,

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said... gorgeous! Wow

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

What a true quote. I just recently saw the film and found it really interesting.
Diane, did you see my new doll that a friend sent to me?? She is so cute. I think you would like her.
What a great giveaway. :)

Heart n Soul said...

Love that no matter where we go, God in his mercy and grace turns everything around. Gorgeous photo and love that you linked up, so appreciate your kind words. Blessings to you :)

Denise said...

What a lovely quote and picture; what a beautiful expression of His masterpiece!

Thanks for the visit and kind words! :)
Blessings and hugs,

Shirley said...

What a gorgeous photo of the beautiful scenery you have!
Thank you SO much for your lovely visit at my blog - thanks for the kind words about the books! : )

Promosyon said...

Quote and that photographs both area great. I just recently saw the film and found it really interesting. Thank you for joining us at Freshly Brewed Challenges for month long prize challenge.