Tuesday, April 19, 2011

‘Poofing the Pillows’ Pretty!

I love walking around my house seeing what I can change for a little ‘low budget’...or NO budget...decorating!

I bought ONE more new pillow from Kohl’s


and I can find a few spots that could use a POP of color!

Click HERE for a link to the pillows at Kohl’s!

And I always think of my girlfriend Stacey at Poofing the pillows when I do a little decorating!

Poofing the pillows is just what I love to do!

So what do you think? Too DULL?


How about THIS!


Or maybe I should put it back on the red sofa!


And steal another one from the living room....


And look at the tattered lace I bought for 10 cents!


I wrapped it around this small pillow and I love the way it looks!


I think the lady that checked me out at the Thrift store felt sorry for me buying a tattered piece of lace that couldn’t be fixed! (and it’s only tattered at the edges and they are in the back and don’t show!)

And one more....


this pillow case has beautiful hand embroidery on it,

now where’s a pretty place for it?

Do you like lots of pillows?

I hope your day is happy AND pretty! rose


Musings from Kim K. said...

Aren't you having fun with your pillows!! Your tattered lace pillow is super sweet. I'm glad you were able to find that little gem and bring it back to life. The hand embroidery pillow case is equally charming. Happy Tuesday!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your poofing looks wonderful Diane!

Debbiedoos said...

I have so many pillows Diane, it is ridiculous! Don't dare open a closet around here, you will get hit by a pillpw. Love your new pillows.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I'm really diggin' the first one :D

Shellbelle said...

Now I love your new pillow on your bed, but I love it best on the sofa and the starfish looks great on your bed.

I do love lots of pillows and lots of color. Your pillow case is lovely, I have a number of those that my mom made and several sets I made in my teens. Now those are REALLY vintage, lol.

I like your "poofing" style!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

I agree with Shellbelle. I like the new pillow on the sofa. The starfish looks right at home on your bed! The tattered lace is pretty, but I'm loving that pillowcase...such sweet embroidery!!!

Vee said...

I do love the look of them, but I find that people do not want a pillow and they tend not to know what to do with one. I need to have an empty basket around for the pillows to "be" when not in use. I really like your lace pillow...a great bargain at 10 cents!

Donnie said...

I'm voting for the starfish on the bed and the new one on the couch. You were asking for opinions, right...lol...They are all lovely.

Diann said...

I do love lots of pillows! I buy a lot thrifted. And I change them out all the time or add not covers to them.

Anonymous said...

I love pillows, but not everyone in my house does. My grandson has decided that the very long pillow on my sofa is his new favorite toy and it is bigger than he is!
I love your new pillow from Kohl's and the starfish one too...it looks great on your bed.

Completely Coastal said...

Love the starfish/shells on the bed!!

Unknown said...

Hello! Lets see... for the flower (red pillow) If you want to leave it on the bed, Maybe change the back pillows to a orange or green? If not, it looks lovely on the sofa! I adore your idea with the lace around the pillow. If you use a smaller pillow, maybe you can wrap the side more and tie them? (like a candy-ish shape?)It looks great now too, but just handing over an idea ;) I love the pillow case with the embroidery! Its so cute! Thanks so much for the post!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Diane,
I love pillows too and I think that the starfish pillow looks awesome on your bed!! I hope you're having a great day and oh, I love the mosaic you made for Mosaic Monday!

Anonymous said...

My family teases me because I buy so many pillows, but I do love how they instantly change the look of any room.

I really like your embroidered pillow and the one with the starfish!

Unknown said...

It is amazing how a pillow can change the whole look of a piece of furniture. I really love the red pillow with the flower on it. Very nice.

Stacey said...

You are so sweet to mention me. :)

You know I love your pillows. Makes home soft and pretty at the same time. I just got the new one from Pottery Barn that was ordered in February! Need to post it.