Thursday, January 24, 2019

Keep Calm and Hike On!

I wrote a long post and then it wouldn’t publish. I’m still not sure why. My sweet hubby even looked at it in ‘code’! I write posts in Windows Live Writer and hope…hope…HOPE  it’s not the problem.
I’m writing this in blogger until I can figure it out!

So here goes a modified version that you will like better than the original. Because…the original post was negative and I don’t really like doing those posts anyway. Once it’s out there….you know how it feels! And I’m ‘over it’ now! It was all the details of a bad experience I had at a restaurant. The waitresses were rude to me and it hurt my feelings. There…I’ve said it and now I’m over it!
When I got home, I changed clothes and put on my hiking shoes and cap! And I was OFF!

I looked up some quotes for this post and especially liked this one….
“It is impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time!”
That is SO true! When you get out in nature, problems and troubles just fall away. You are experiencing nature…with all of your senses! If you haven’t done this lately, unplug and go walk in the woods!
I had something really wonderful happen when I hiked yesterday! I met another man that is hiking the Florida Trails! He was headed to Pensacola when I talked with him. 

He was delightful and a joy to talk with. 

 He’s on the adventure of a lifetime! 

Bird photos are all ‘bluebirds of happiness’ taken on my hikes!

Let’s ALL adventure out there and have some FUN!
I’m joining Thankful Thursdays.


eileeninmd said...


Sorry you had a bad experience with a waitress, it is their job to be nice to people. This rude person should have another job. I would eat somewhere else!
I love your sweet bluebird, seeing them makes me happy. I think the quote is so true, a walk in the woods or with nature is peaceful and relaxing. I have seen the map of the Florida Trail, it is a long hike. Happy Thursday, have a happy day!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I hate tech

even my camera...some days

Lovely snaps

Jeanie said...

That IS an adventure of a lifetime. As for service staff, the idea is service and that includes a measure of politeness. It's their job.

Lovely bird!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hope you can figure out your blogging woes & get back to your routine. If I were to experience that kind of rudeness, I'd get it out there, to her boss. There's no excuse when it comes to public relations!!!

LOVE the bluebird!!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Oh th joys of is all fun and games until the computer refuses to cooperate. So glad you met another hiker that is on the Florida Trails Hike!

Kate said...

The bluebirds of happiness are so beautiful - the bluebirds we have here are a much lighter shade of blue - perhaps they don't do happiness - and not very common anymore. There are so many rude people nowadays and it makes one wonder why so many of them have jobs that involve dealing with people; and human nature being what it is we seem to dwell on the rude person rather than one the nice one. ^^

Linda Walker said...

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with a rude waitress...I remember a very rude waitress we had on our honeymoon. She was unfriendly, delivered poor service and she snapped at us a couple of times when we asked for something she forgot to bring. At the end of our dinner, she slapped the bill face down on the table and said in the nastiest tone, "....and THAT doesn't include the tip!" To which my husband replied, "it does now!" ;)

Anyways, I am glad you have moved on. Hiking is a great way to put troubles behind us!!! Hugs, Linda

Giga said...

The waitress was unpleasant, it was sad, but the tourist met was nice, that's great. Such are people, one good and the other bad. Greetings.

Out on the prairie said...

love those bluebirds, we placed 100 new boxes out the last 2 years. Had a school shop class assemble them, providing the materials.

Connie said...

Taking a walk in the fresh air can cure many a bad mood :)
Pretty little blue bird.
Keep Smiling!
Connie :)

Michelle said...

There is nothing quite like hiking to cure what ails ya. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Why people in life have to be rude, I have no idea. Thank you for linking up today.

Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry you had problems with the waitress.
Then you had problems with publishing a post.

Thank goodness, for hiking, meeting nice people and sharing a good experience with your blog friends.

Hope you also had a fabulous birthday.

All the best Jan

Carla from The River said...

I agree, nature is the best thing to cure a blue day.
Sending hugs!

High Fives to the fella on the adventure!

Tom said...

...I haven't a clue what Windows Live Writer is. I just go to my Blogger dashboard and click on 'new post,' what could be easier.

A Casa Madeira said...

What a beautiful bird.
Good continuation of month.

Sandy said...

Sorry about your bad experience, but you made an excellent choice to head to the woods to hike and I love the quote.
Bird pictures are my favorite. I seriously could watch them all day.

Nancy's Notes said...

Some people just are rude and I'm sorry you ran into one. How wonderful thought to meet a hiking gentle man. Being out is good for the soul, I love it. I does cure any mood I'm in. Love that gorgeous redbird! I just downloaded Live Writer, hope it works. I've always just used blogger. Hope you get yours resolved, awful to lose a post.

Have a great evening.

Ann said...

Sorry about the bad experience. I find that is happening more and more. Customer service is just not what it used to be.
You're right about getting out there though. Whenever I walk it clears my mind of all the clutter

Meditations in Motion said...

So sorry to hear about your blogging experience. It sounds awful! Technology is so frustrating. Much better to look at bluebirds of happiness!

Terri D said...

I'm sorry you couldn't post your first blog but this one is a good read and the photos are great, as always!! How great to meet that interesting man who is hiking Florida. Wow.

MadSnapper said...

the news is on TV and they just showed 2 instances of road rage. when I read your post, I thought, I have not seen any instances of trail hiking rage. maybe live writer knew you did not really want to publish the rant about rudeness. your post also made me think, maybe we need to write or type our rants and then delete or destroy. gets it out of our system.

MadSnapper said...

also it is hard to be in a bad mood in the Florida sunshine

Vee said...

Glad that you are over it. Were you alone in this restaurant? Oops, sorry. and I don’t want you to think about it again.

That man looks as if he’s ready for the adventure of a lifetime. How wonderful for him! Is that anything that you and your hubby would ever do?

ann said...

I am wishing that I had woods to go into. We have snow on the ground--not much, but still snow and it is 12 degrees. Florida is sounding really good right about now. Have a lovely weekend.

It's me said...

Happy weekend your new banner picture 💕💕 love Ria

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A nature walk heals a lot! .... Computers! Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. Hope the bug gets fixed soon. I hate having to learn new stuff. I had to do my last post (the spoonbil,one you’ve already seen) on Bills Apple because I pushed a wrong button and lost the pictures on mine. (He was able to recover them even tho they’d been deleted from my camera.). Everything is different from my PC ...but I did it and so grateful he got those spoonbills back!

NanaDiana said...

Sorry about the waitress experience. We all run into at least one of "those" in our lifetimes, I think. I have had TWO of them over the years and I very politely told the manager and left without eating there but told them I would be back. Both offered free meals but I told them I did not want a free meal-I just wanted to be treated with respect.

What a great adventure that fellow hiker is on. Good for him. I hope he does well on his journey.

Have a wonderful weekend, Diane! xo Diana

Ricki Treleaven said...

I am so sorry that the waitress was rude, but really it's about her, not you. It always is!

I love bluebirds. We actually had beautiful sunshine today, and I went out for a little while. SO NICE to see the sun!

happyone said...

I can't imagine anyone being rude to you. You are so nice!!
That is a great saying and so very true for me.
Lovely photos. The man's adventure sounds fun.
My 2 favorite walking vacations were when we walked the Ring of Kerry in Ireland and another time we walked across England.

Anonymous said...

Diane, that bird is such a gorgeous blue! Love it!

Rose said...

I wish I could get to the woods and walk...I still have to watch how I walk with the foot/ does not bend right. But it would do me a world of good to be out like that. I wish ther was some place near that had relative smooth trails. Because Roger nees them even worse than me.

Every so often there is a rude person, but still yet the majority of them are nice.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a lovely blue jay. It really is a pretty blue color. Sorry you're having issues with your computer. That's never easy. That was nice that you met a friend along the way. He looks like an experience hiker. What a great quote, “It is impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time!”....that is so true. Nature is the best!

love, ~Sheri