Sunday, November 7, 2010


I’ve mentioned to most of you that I am CRAZY for QUILTS this Fall! I’ve spend hours on ETSY looking at all the lovely quilts and I’ve visited several quilting blogs.

I would like to say that I’m going to make one! But that is very optimistic! heehee! If I can find anything in the ‘cookie jar’, I would love to buy one! I see so many pretty ones!

And then there are the signs!


We were driving back from our land in Bluff when I saw this barn with a quilt…


and when we were at the Arboretum this was the Fall planting for the Quilt Garden.





If you could have a new quilt…..meaning either new or ‘new to you’….what colors would you choose? I thought if I looked on Etsy I could better identify what I am looking for! But I liked too many different combinations!


So I guess what I’m really asking …what colors do I like? heeheehee !!! HUGS !!!


Donnie said...

Love all your takes on the "quilts". My favorite colors are blue in all shades and hues. I have a lot of quilt scraps from my MIL and hope to put them together next summer. I made one patchwork quilt for my brother 40 years ago and he loved it so much he gave it to his dog to sleep on. I know....I should let it go that's why I'm always going to do a quilt-not I've done one.

Leo said...

This garden is so beautiful. Good luck on finding your dream quilt!!

ShirleyC said...

I love quilts too. My mom made many when she could see. I've made a couple, and love piecing them. I just sort of got distracted sewing for my grandkids right now.
I think of all the quilts I've seen, I love the plain muslin with patchwork blocks in small prints. It's just something nostalgic to me. No matter what you choose, it will be pretty.

Unknown said...

A quilt garden! Imagine! This one is definitely right up your lavender alley! The cabbage plants are always so breathtaking. I do hope your cookie jar finds a quilt coming your way! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Diane, these photos are beautiful!

Simple Home said...

I'm a quilt lover too, but I've only made one. My mom has made many though. I even own one made for my grandmother back in the 30's. It's my favorite :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that garden 'quilt'! You are seeing Quilts...MUST MAKE QUILT! LOL You can do it!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Gorgeous gardens!!

Nothing says comfort more than a lovely quilt. There are so many out there to look at, too.

I love primary colors in my quilts -the old feedsack fabrics make my heart go pitter patter.


PS: i am having a little giveaway if you are interested....

Maggey and Jim said...

I love that.. We have one block called Father's Choice painted on our pavillion where Mr.Couple parks his truck.. I love seeing them in the coutryside too. Thanks.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

You could make a quilt. Start out easy, learn the basics and then proceed on from there. If there are any local quilt shops in your area, they would be more than happy to help you. I love to quilt, but have not done as much recently. Not enough hours in the day. Love the quilt garden you posted about. So pretty! Love & blessings from NC!

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

I love the quilt garden. What a clever idea and marvelous execution!
Great job!
Thanks for sharing.
BTW~ those barn quilts are very common here in Iowa. All over the place! In fact, there is a gal here in town that makes them!

marcia said...

The quilt garden is awesome!

I like bright quilts ! and amish quilts and scrap quilts!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love the one on the barn and the garden is amazing. Good luck making one.

GardenOfDaisies said...

That quilt garden if amazing!!! LOVE it! wish I was close enough to visit. Aren't the barn quilts fun? There is a whole blog about the barn quilts... have you seen it?


That is a very cool quilt garden and I do love those colors! I have a couple of quilts that my Grandma made. One has MANY, MANY colors and the other one has pinks and the other one reds!
It's nice to have them since my Grandma has passed away.
deb :)

Unknown said...

Oh, these are wonderful! I just wrote a post about quilts and how they remind me of blogging. My sister Lynne makes gorgeous quilts, she made me a beautiful one in black and white toile.


Carol said...

What a beautiful garden! Quilts are everywhere it seems! So pretty!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Thank you so much for following me. I'm following you right back. I appreciate the plug for my giveaway on your sidebar! I collect Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and love them. Never met one I didn't like. lol
Love quilts too. My friend just posted a quilt party on her blog. You may enjoy browsing. There are some amazing colors and patterns.
Have a great week!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

That barn quilt plaque is so pretty amd the winter cabbages are too! I know I need a quilt on my bed tonight as it is rather chilly.

Kathleen said...

Your photos are amazingly beautiful. If I could ever leave the weather of southern cal I think I would immediately move to North Carolina!!!!

Cindy said...

Hmm...I think happy colors, pinks, greens, yellows, and lavenders would be perfect for you! Not pastel, brighter, but not "screaming"! Happy birds would be lovely too :)

Pam said...

Don't you just love those "Barn Quilts". There is one on an old red barn near our home in Kentucky. In fact, you see them all over Ky. I think it was some type of statewide project.

As for my favorite color for quilts, I love bright color of any kind. My friend recently shared with me a couple of Kaffe Fassett's quilt books. He has some of the most beautiful and colorful quilts in these books. You must check them out if you like quilts, design, and color.

Unknown said...

That last picture is that cabbage?

Kaila said...

Love the quilt garden photos.

My favorite quilts either have lavender, green, and cream or have burgundy, hunter, and cream.

Of course, now I need quilts that hide orange fur.