Friday, November 26, 2010

A little ETSY love!

I LOVE Etsy! It's my favorite place to shop! And it's always fun to get something from a favorite blog buddy!


I won this little pumpkin art from Michelle and she included these magnets from her collection!


She's an amazing artist! So when she posted that she had some little Christmas mice in her  Etsy shop....


I got this one! Don't you love it?

Marivel wrote to let me know she had new earrings in her Etsy shop so I ordered some! I have been wearing the ones I got from her awhile back and I love them!  (I'm not showing all of them in this post! Might be a gift for someone!) But I KNOW I'm keeping this lavender pair!


She has new pouches and always sends me an extra pair FREE!

I also received this apron pattern from Marie Madeline and I can't wait to make one!  Here's their website... Studio ! Look at the Happy Scrappy quilts while you are there! I have one on my wish list!  HERE


Thanks to all of my friends that make unique items and always give the little extras that make shopping fun!

How many of you are shopping today? I hope you get some great deals! Don't forget ETSY for FUN shopping at home!


Kristen White said...

Wonderful goodies!!! I will be sure to check her etsy shop out :o)

Dianne said...

Very nice goodies! Love your thanksgiving "card" from you last post. Don't you just love looking up into Sable Palms? Anyway, glad you had a nice Thanksgiving... Did you know that the prairie at Paynes Prairie used to be a lake that steamboats used to cross before it all drained into a sink hole?

Diane said...

I'm hoping next week to join the ranks of Etsy sellers--if I can figure it out. But for today, I'm planning on venturing out and mingling with the Black Friday crowd--a little scary :)

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Have a super weekend!
We have grandkids all weekend but we love that!

priest's wife - S.T./ Anne Boyd said...

beautiful- let's go fair trade or homemade for Christmas!

LindyLouMac said...

I had no idea what Black Friday was until today! No shopping for us here in Italy, but a walk by the lake this am.

Leo said...

Love Etsy too. I spent some time on it today too! I avoided the stores for sure.


Yes, Michele does have wonderful art work! How cool that you won her giveaway! Sweet little mouse.
deb :)

Anonymous said...

I love Michelle's art...drawing on fabric, how brilliant is that, right?..
and shopping on Etsy really is's like this with me, I create stuff...sell it...and then spend it on other Etsy Shops! lol

have a great night!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Donnie said...

I'm like you. I love to shop for most all I'm looking for at Etsy and have received some lovely things. Hope you had a great day and will have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cute earrings!! Love the apron pattern!!
I love shopping on Etsy...I have a shop there, but I don't have anything listed for sale. Hope to work on that soon.
Have a great weekend.

koralee said...

What fun....that is the cutest apron pattern....I adore etsy too!!

Happy weekend my friend. xoxo

Faded Plains said...

I adore the apron cute.

Toyin O. said...

Great stuff; thanks for sharing.

Michelle Palmer said...

Big, giant hugs... you're a gem!
So glad you are enjoying your treasures~ wishing you all the best!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diane,

Oh you got some wonderful gifts and love the apron pattern.
I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving and now wish you a happy weekend


pam @ iLoveShelling said...

Those aprons are adorable... look like little dresses with that ruffle on the bottom. Who needs a mall when you have fabulous etsy.