Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feathers in my Hair!


I put my feathers in my hair (they just pin in)


and off we went exploring!


We drove out to Dunnellon to the Pickin’ Patch.


You can walk out in the field and cut your own pumpkin!


And it must be hard to choose just one


because most everyone had a wagon load!

(these kids were so cute and YES, I asked permission to take their photo and post it! )


This little guy was happy, too!DSCN7684

They had all kinds of neat displays and treats to snack on!


And if that wasn’t enough...they had a sunflower field


and you could pick your own sunflowers!

OR...go swingin’!!!



And even more fun with feathers in your hair!


It's me said...

What a fun !!! enjoy a lovely

Donna said...

You wild child, you, with feathers in your hair! Looks like a fun time!

Unknown said...

sounds like a marvelous autumn day ! I want to go do that ! Pick my own sunflowers would be fantastic !!!

- KAT -

Anonymous said...

what a great day you had,, wonderful photos, did you pick a pumpkin? I lovethefeathers in your hair,, i wouldlike to see them closer though,,(bad eyes),, lol,oh and about the little squirrel and pumpkin,, yes please go ahead and do that,, I'm glad you like them,,

Debbiedoos said...

You cutie pie with your feathers! Such a nice post Diane.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! Looks look like a splendid place...especially with feathers!

Janie said...

A maze, sunflowers, and feathers in your hair. This is exactly what I would be doing if I could. What a great adventure. I love sunflowers, soon we all say good bye to them. Very festive post, thanks.

Terra said...

Punkins and feathers in your hair sounds like fun.

Joanne said...

I'm lovin' those feathers! I have to try that in my own hair.
Blessings, Joanne

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Feathers huh? LOL!!! I LOVE IT!!! I may try it!

Looks like you had a fun time at the pumpkin patch! Lots of activities to do and lots of people to watch, and some goodies too!

Ricki Treleaven said...

You are too cute! My girls have been wearing earrings with feathers. They seem to be all the rage, too!

Cameron said...

Such a fabulous way to usher in Autumn! Now I want some feathers in my hair, too :)

helen tilston said...

Hi Diane..I am singing "if you go to Dunnellon be sure to wear some feathers in your hair (to the melody of if you go to SanFrancisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair)
Looks like a fun day

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

There's just something about feathers in the hair that says "wild and free!" Love it! The pumpkin farm looked like fun.

Tammy said...

What fun! Both the pumpkin patch AND the feathers! But what did you go home with?

Caty said...

What a beautiful swing. As a child I loved swing, it was like flying into the sky, now I can not.

Feather in your hair? jajaja It's like the beautiful song "flowers in your hair".

Nice place with a lot of pumpkin.

Have a nice weekend

Emily said...

Very fun! Is that in FL? I noticed you're in shorts and sandals!

Diane Writes said...

I've never been to a pumpkin garden namemate! I would love to be there and pick up my own pumpkin. Wishing you a great week ahead.

Anne said...

When i worked at the garden center we had a fall feature where for $15.00 you could get as many pumpkins as one person could hold.. and it was so funny to see the kids piling them into their fathers' arms!

Trace4J said...

What a wonderful day!
And feathers what fun.
You go girl!
Hugs Trace

Anonymous said...

I love the feather trend but I'm just not sure I'm cool enough to pull it off!!!!

I bet that sunflower field was beautiful! Those are my fave flowers (well one of them). Looks like a great Fall day- glad you enjoyed!