Monday, December 10, 2018

Hike # 66 for Mosaic Monday

Let’s go back to the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway trail today. It’s so easy to drive to the trailhead!


And I love the feeling of getting out in the woods.


I saw a deer but didn’t get a good photo of it. It was running with the flag up in the air (white tail).


We’ll have to settle for a photo of a squirrel! lol


The weather was in the 70s and the sky was blue with white puffy clouds!


The Beautyberry is in full bloom


and I was lots of pretty little Warblers (probably Palm Warblers, but there are several types in this area).


Another pretty flower blooming.

The Rattlebox (Crotalaria Spectabilis Roth)


One of the neatest things I saw was the ‘butterfly dance’. Two little yellow butterflies were flying together and creating the prettiest sight. I know it’s hard to tell, but there are 2 butterflies dancing in this photo!


Keep your hiking shoes handy!

See you tomorrow for the next hike in this series!

I’m joining Angie for Mosaic Monday HERE.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Them deer don't hang around to pose, huh

Tom said...

...thanks for sharing all of these gift of nature.

It's me said...

Happy new week love Ria x 💕🎄🎄🎄

Linda said...

I love how you know all the names of the flowers!

Ann Thompson said...

What a beautiful park to hike in. I've never heard of beautyberry. It is very pretty.
I wondered if that was a butterfly in that one picture or a leaf falling.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, it is funny watching those white-tails running away.
I love the warblers and the pretty butterflies. The Beautyberries are a lovely color. Pretty flowers and wonderful photos. Enjoy your day and have a great new week!

Vee said...

We have a similar flower as the yellow ones, but unlike you, I don't know the name. I have always wondered about the Beauty berries as they often show up in faux decorating. I don't see them in nature here. Happy hiking!

Gillena Cox said...

Luv the butterflies dancing. Happy mosaic Monday


Terri D said...

Beauty everywhere!! I love hiking with you!! :)

Jeanie said...

That Beautyberry is gorgeous. I've never seen those!

Sandra said...

that squirrel is wonderful and made me laugh. he is adorable, or maybe she is... love the trail through the woods... Beauty berries are goregous

Kate said...

I love the photos - here, all such beauty is buried under a beautiful sparkly coat of snow. ^^

Small City Scenes said...

What a great place to hike or walk or even stroll--LOL
Great shots and lovely weather

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love it ALL! You snapped just one leaf, and made it look so beautiful! I want to walk down the road in your header. The berries are gorgeous! I bet they are poisonous. Since I am unable to hike, I love going with you.

Hootin' Anni said...

Excellent series! I think I favor the squirrel photo today SUPER cute!

Out on the prairie said...

That yellow bloom looks like partridge pea

betty-NZ said...

The everyday things that we see have their own beauty. Love your photos, especially the yellow flower.

happyone said...

Another great hike. I stand in my house by the window and watch the deer in the woods.
Great picture of the squirrel.

Angie said...

Diane - I don't think I have ever seen a beauty berry - that color and the quantity is stunning. I have never quite understood why the white tailed deer put up their tails when running away. Doesn't that make them easier to spot? Thanks for adding your little slice of heaven to Mosaic Monday - my hiking shoes are laced up and ready to go!

riitta k said...

I had to google what Beautyberry is - never seen but really striking. Lovely nature photos.Happy MM.

BeachGypsy said...

I love all these pictures, especially the purple beautyberries and the butterflies doing their happy dance! I love going on the hikes with you--you always show us something new, pretty and interesting. Been awful cold and rainy here...looking forward to better weather, no way we're getting out walking in this, ha ha LOl--and we are the ones who walk in rain, high heat, pretty much ANYTHING, but this cold rain and the wind blowing it right in your face, well, no thank you! ha ha LOL

Sam I Am...... said...

How lovely! I have never heard or seen Beauty Berry but I can see why it was maned that! Is it edible? I never knew it was called a butterfly 'dance' either. The Rattle box reminds me of a Lady Slipper or am I thinking snap dragon? Beautiful trails down in your neck of the woods!

Red Rose Alley said...

I can see why they call it the "beautyberry." It's so pretty. I didn't know it grows wild like that. And that mischievous squirrel hehehe. What a cool picture of the butterfly dance. : )